Metaphase Sound Machine is a Mind-Warping Sound Installation

By April 17, 2018Miking, News

From the mind of ::vtol:: , aka Dmitry Morozov, comes the Metaphase Sound Machine. The installation was inspired by American physicist Nick Herbert, who researched quantum physics in order to communicate with the dead.

Rotating discs and feedback based synthesis: Metaphase Sound Machine is a fascinating exploration of sound and the history of quantum physics.

The installation features 6 rotating disks, each equipped with a speaker and a microphone. The microphones are connected via computer and the rotary axis to the speakers on the disks.

The feedback whistles that are created by the relationship between speaker and microphone are used as triggers to create more complex, synthesised sounds.

So how does it sound? As the video demonstrates, it’s apt to slot into a horror soundtrack, with its wavering drones and randomly generated blips from another world.

Check out other works by ::vtol:: and more info about the Metaphase Sound Machine here.

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