Mesa Boogie Unveils the Fillmore 100 Watt Guitar Amp

By June 5, 2019Amps, News
mesa boogie fillmore 100 guitar amp

Mesa Boogie has just launched an all-valve 100 watt guitar amp, the Fillmore 100. It comes in a combo or amp and cabinet configuration – and don’t worry, you can cut down the power if needed.mesa boogie fillmore 100 guitar amp

Ready to rock a stadium? Mesa Boogie have you covered. The Fillmore 100 is an valve guitar amp that can cut through any mix and still be a friend in the studio.

Here’s how the company describe the best features of their new creation in the following:

More dynamic nuance, more exciting snap in the PERFECT frequencies, a gorgeous attack envelope, increased dimensional width/girth and headroom and better tracking of low frequencies all add up to a Fillmore that excels not just anywhere its lower power siblings fit, but anywhere big magic is desired.”

So, it has all the tonal hallmarks of a classic Mesa Boogie. However, this raging beast can also be tamed by using its ingenious power settings.

In full fat mode, it utilises 4 x 6L6 pentode tubes, 2 x 6L6 pentodes cuts it back to 40 watts of clean power, with 2 6L6 tubes offering up 22 watts, which is much more suitable for the studio.

Visit Mesa Boogie for more details.

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