Megaverb from Goodhertz is the Best “Bad” Reverb Money Can Buy

The digital revolution that swept through the audio industry in the 70s and 80s totally transformed the sound of reverb. Megaverb, the new plugin from Goodhertz, takes the best (and worst) of the digital reverbs of the era, and packages them for a new generation of DAW users. 

The best of the dirty tones from the early era of digital reverbs have been reborn in the Megaverb plugin. These “bad” reverbs are a time machine back to the 80s.

Here’s what Goodhertz sum up their new product:

Meet Megaverb — an incredibly good, “bad” digital reverb plugin. On the one hand, it is a recreation that captures that iconic sound of the 1980’s. On the other, it is a modern piece of precision engineering that pushes that sound further, opening up your music to a world of sounds that those early digital reverbs could not imagine or implement.

Aside from the gloriously trashy sounds that the plugin can conjure up, it’s also much easier to use than the decidedly not user-friendly original units.

Visit Goodhertz for more information.

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