Meet Xerxes – Black Corporation’s Polyphonic Powerhouse

By August 29, 2019Keys, News, Outboard, Synths
xerxes black corporation synth

Making its debut at this year’s NAMM show, Xerxes by Black Corporation is an 8 voice, polyphonic synthesizer. Inspired by the Elka Synthex from the early 1980s, its design and vast sonic capabilities make it a big player in the world of boutique synths.

Preorders for the prototype were promised to be open by this year’s Superbooth event. As a result synth fans waited anxiously for 3 months for the release to be announced. Finally, a post from Back Corporation’s Instagram announced its availability for preorder, where it can now join the likes of the recent Deckard’s Voice and Rachael modules. 

The Xerxes synth is now available for preorder. Inspired by an ’80s classic, Black Corporation’s 8-voice beast rules the synth kingdom with its lush sounds.

The synth features two digitally controlled oscillators, an analog multimode filter, two LFOs and two ADSR envelopes. Others aspects include the BBD stereo chorus and polyphonic velocity and aftertouch. Xerxes also comes with 10 built-in preset banks and full MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) support for implementation with unconventional controllers.

Its inspiration, the Elka was renowned for being “lush” and Black Corporation doesn’t simply clone its sound so much us rebirth it. For that reason, we look forward to seeing many more demos and experiments with the Xerxes during the coming weeks.

Those looking for information or to preorder should visit Black Corporation’s website.

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