Meet the World’s Smallest Analog Synthesiser

By December 4, 2017News, Synths
Trueno Synth

Meet “the world’s smallest analogue synthesizer” – it’s called the Trueno and it’s built into a USB stick.

Trueno Synth

WS Audio Limited have just release what they describe as “the world’s smallest analogue synthesizer” – and they’re probably right, it’s built into a bloody USB stick.

The tiny synth packs in loads of features, including three voltage controlled oscillators (saw, square and triangle waveforms), analog modulation (amplitude, pulse-width and filter frequency modulation), low-pass and band-pass VCFs, and an integrated analog-to-digital converter (44.1KHz 24 bit).

“Trueno (from the Spanish for thunder) is a 3 oscillator analogue synthesiser in a USB stick,” say the developers on their website. “With the same oscillator circuits found in modular monstrosities and its wild, aggressive filter; Trueno does not compromise on sound quality.

Powerful features such as a built in 24 bit ADC, instant preset recall and automation control allow it to integrate easily into your music production process or performance. By swapping the front panel for full PC/Mac control from a VST/AU plugin or standalone application, we can offer Trueno at a price that can’t be touched by anything with comparable features.

Now you can add the raw, powerful analogue sounds you’ve been craving for the same price as a plugin.”

Check out all the features and some sound samples of the synth here. It’s avaliable on the website for 16o euros (around 250 AUD).

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