Meet the Tubon: the Bizarre Ancestor of the Keytar

By December 18, 2018Keys, News, Recording, Synths

The Tubon was the Swedish made forerunner to the quintessential 80s innovation the Keytar. Designed and built by Swedish manufacturer Joh Mustad AB, notable users included Paul McCartney and Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk.

Take a look at the Tubon, the Swedish made ancestor to the Keytar. Few made it beyond the Scandinavian frontier, except into the hands of the Beatles and Kraftwerk.

The instrument was battery-powered, monophonic and came with a strap so it could be slung like a guitar.

It made its mark in the Swedish folk scene of the 60s and 70s and had four presets sounds to choose from: contrabass, saxophone, electric bass and woodwind.

The original score of “Strawberry Fields Forever” featured the Tubon, but was replaced by a Chamberlin keyboard, which itself was an ancestor to the Mellotron.

For more info, visit the 120 Years of Electronic Music website.


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