Meet the SiX Compact Mixer: An SSL for Your Desktop

SSL have long been industry leader in studio recording; definitively associated with high end professional craft. As such, they come with hefty price tags.

With the advent of the SiX compact mixer though, SSL aims to bring that level of class to desktop recording. Plus, it has a price that puts it within reach.

SSL have a well earned reputation for its hit making consoles and outboard processors. Now they’ve announced their most affordable mixer ever – SiX.

The mixer features two mono mic channels with SSL’s SuperAnalogue preamps. They’re famous for their transparency and have a massive 66dB of gain.

There’s a single knob compressor, which simply controls the threshold, with the circuit automatically adjusting gain to match the input level.

The two band EQs draws upon SSL’s expertise in selecting the most musically pleasing centre frequencies. Adding further to the legacy of SSL’s classic processing, the G Series Bus Compressor (with simplified controls) is available on the master bus.

For more information, visit Solid State Logic.

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