Meet the Eight Strong “Analog Armada” from TC Electronic, a New Range of Budget Pedals

By November 7, 2017Guitar, News, Pedals

TC Electronic have just announced the “Analog Armada” – a collection of eight, very budget conscious pedals that covers a huge range of classic guitar tones.
TC Pedals

Need to stock your pedalboard in a hurry? TC Electronic’s Analog Armada of eight classic stompboxes might just have you covered.

In terms harmonic saturation, the new collection boasts three different flavours. The El Mocambo is a bluesy overdrive, the Honey Pot Fuzz delivers a bit more crunch, while the Eyemaster Metal Distortion lies on the extreme end of the dirt scale.

For modulation, the Armada dishes up chorus via the 3rd Dimension Chorus, the Choka Tremolo wobbles along with waveshape control and you can get double-octave depth with the Nether Octaver.

Dynamic shifts are provided for the Crescendo Auto Swell which can lend a “bowed” tone to notes, while the Iron Curtain can be used to cut unwanted noise from your signal.

The pedals are slated to go for an extremely affordable €49 a pop.

For more info this new line of pedals, check out the TC Electronic website.

Check out the 3rd Dimension, a recreation of the BOSS Dimension C, in action below.

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