Meet the Creative and Colourful Klang Polyphonic Contoller

By June 13, 2019News, Synths
elektrofon klang eurorack synth module

The world of Eurorack modular synthesis continues to throw up beautiful surprises. Another such delight is from the minds of Norway’s Elektrofon. Their Klang module stores, traverses and manipulate chord progressions, all behind an strikingly designed front panel.elektrofon klang eurorack synth module

Scandinavian design meets modular synthesis. Elektrofon’s Klang allows you to explore the possibilities of harmony in a Eurorack module.

The intuitive design and operation centre’s around the OLED display, which is kind of like a clock face. There are four encoders that control each voice in the chord. They can each be set to choose one of the notes in the chromatic scale. If you scroll more than 360 degrees, you go up an octave.

You can also create chord sequences. This is achieved by holding down the centre encoder to enter tuning mode. Adding new chords or subtracting them is as easy as hitting the plus or minus buttons. Bear in mind though, you’ll need to plug in a clock source to play through the sequences.

There are four CV outputs, so you can route each voice to independent oscillators for polyphonic fun!

The prototype was debuted at last year’s Superbooth and is now available at select outlets. For more info, visit the Elektrofon website.

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