Meet SpinBox: A DIY Turntable Kit Made from Plastic and Cardboard

By August 1, 2017Happy, News

Spinbox is a DIY turntable and an extremely portable solution for those of you who can’t be without your vinyl collection.

Takeaway vinyl at last! Spinbox is a lightweight and portable DIY turntable and best of all, you can build it yourself.

This DIY turntable is constructed with prefabricated electronic components, which is protected by a waterproof cardboard enclosure, so the Spinbox is ready to work in all conditions.

Far from a bandaid solution though, Spinbox is a fully contained machine, equipped with a built in amplifier with speakers for truly portable parties. You can connect to your favourite hi-fi setup via a line-out connection and is conveniently powered via micro USB.

The Spinbox can play records at 33, 45 and 78 rpm and can accomodate 12-inch vinyl. So if you need to get some tunes happening seriously fast (the build takes 18 minutes according to the manufacturer), Spinbox might be for you.

Find out more about Spinbox here.

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