Aphex Twin Collaborates On midimutant, A Program Which Patches Your Synth For You

By July 17, 2017News, Software, Synths
midimutant enmore audio aphex twin foam

midimutant is a piece of equipment co-created by electronic artist Aphex Twin and FoAM, a trans-disciplinary lab which bridges the gaps between music, art, science and society.

Using neural networks and machine learning, the Raspberry Pi based tech evolves your synth patches for you, learning from an input tone and mutating it on the go.

midimutant enmore audio aphex twin foam

Sick of patching your own DX7? Aphex Twin and FoAM’s new tool the midimutant is set to solve your woes with artificial evolution.

The device is armed only with a microphone input and MIDI output. Using sysex MIDI messages, the generator then chooses an ideal new patch on the fly. This was tested on a Yamaha DX7, but any synth with a documented sysex dump format will be compatible.

FoAM plan to publicise the source code and DIY instructions soon.

Head to FoAM’s website for a few audio and video clips of the beast in action.

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