Meet Midihub: the Next-Gen MIDI Processor and Router

MIDIhub top view

Bursting out from the pile of amazing crowdfunded music tech projects is Midihub by Blokas. The new standalone MIDI solution enables you to process MIDI messages in myriad useful and creative ways. They have previously worked on innovative projects like open-source handheld microcomputer MidiBoy.

The company’s unique product design and quirky program interfaces make it a close relative to companies like Teenage Engineering. It then comes with no surprise that the next project would be prime for success. Opting to crowdfund the Midihub from their personal website, Midihub’s funding goal of 9,600 was smashed with 333 backers pledging a total of 41,114.Midihub Grey

Midihub is the perfect gadget for the modern age of music making. Blokas have served up a standalone gem for all our synth MIDI communication needs.

By default, it acts as a 4×4 MIDI interface allowing you to connect your synth collection as one big family. The real magic of this device shown when using Midihub editor. It can translate MIDI messages in any way possible by creating ‘pipelines’ within the digital editor. Midihub already supports up to 30 pipes including CC messages, LFO, arpeggiator, chance, delay and filter parameters.

Need to play one chord across multiple synths? Perhaps you want to create LFO modulation or delay patterns using MIDI? Regardless, Midihub has you covered for just about any setup configuration you want to create.

Perhaps the best part of device is once you have created your own custom pipeline arrangements, they can be saved directly to the Midihub itself. This means that it works as a standalone device letting you take your unique MIDI layout with you anywhere, no computer required.

To get the full scoop or grab a preorder special, visit Blokas.

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