Meet the MBS-100 Monosynth – Inspired by the Synths of the Soviet Era

By September 13, 2017News, Synths

The MBS-100 from AVP is a digital-analog hybrid synth that shares the characteristics of the Soviet era synths like the Aelita and Polivoks.

Need some Soviet era synth inspiration in your life? Check out the MBS-100 monosynth from Moscow based synth maker AVP.

This synth focuses more on bass sounds and some of the same architectural characteristics as the Polivoks and Aelita Soviet beasts. The VCOs are digitally controlled with an analog low pass filter and 2 ADSR envelope generators.

It also comes with more 21st century-friendly connectivity including 16 channels of MIDI inputs all packaged in a heavy duty steel case for all the punishment you can throw at it.

For more info on the MBS-100, check AVP’s website.

Via Music Radar.

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