Meet the Danelectro Billionaire Series of Stompboxes

By November 15, 2017Guitar, News

Danelectro have just released the Billionaire pedal series, covering a swathe of tones, with boost, overdrive, tremolo and rotary speaker.

The Billionaire pedal series from Danelectro covers a host of guitar tones including tremolo, boost, overdrive and rotary speaker sounds.

The Pride of Texas offers up an archetypal bluesy overdrive, that gives up a little dirt without loss of clarity. The Big Spender gives the tone a swirling, rotary speaker sound that can transform the guitar into a Hammond B3 and Leslie combo.

The Billion Dollar Boost can deliver clean boost at lower settings but is still capable of generous crunch and the Filthy Rich is  a simple to use, deep and versatile tremolo box.

Best of all, the series is very affordable, with the most expensive pedal coming in at US $79.

Visit Danelectro for more details.

Via Music Radar.

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