Mattoverse Electronics Launches that Drone Tone MkIII

By May 14, 2019News, Pedals

Mattoverse’s MO has been to create guitar pedals that sit decidedly to the left of centre. The Drone Tone MkIII is no exception. It gives you an extra synthetic layer to the signal, offering up a new way to build guitar based soundscapes.

The Drone Tone MkIII underpins guitar tone with a layer of synthetic drone. It’s the latest from Mattoverse and it challenges you to think (and play) outside the box.

Essentially, the pedal is a controllable square wave oscillator. It can even be used as a standalone instrument.

Also, it doesn’t actually affect the guitar tone either – the input is buffered and passed through to the output. There are controls for pitch, rate volume, tone and switches for tap tempo and bypass – it really doesn’t get more complicated than that.

The simplicity of the front panel, encourages you to experiment with the drone and while interacting with the guitar.

For more info, visit Mattoverse Electronics.

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