Mastering the Mix Reveals the Bassroom EQ Plugin

bassroom mastering the mix eq plugin

Mastering the Mix have just announced the arrival the Bassroom plugin. It’s a very specific EQ plugin that promises deliver punch and clarity at the bottom end of the frequency spectrum.bassroom mastering the mix eq plugin

Judging the bottom end of a mix is a challenge, even for the best engineers. Bassroom is a plugin that aims to simplify that all important process.

Mastering the Mix explain how they can deliver on satisfying bottom end without sacrificing clarity:

BASSROOM has specifically designed filters that have minimal phase distortion AND minimal transient distortion providing greater transparency than standard linear-phase filters at low-frequencies.

The result of this design means that you can reshape the bottom end of your mix or master, without compromising on transparency.

Another standout is its unique user interface. It helps you to visualise the process by presenting you with a room, with the height representing the target frequencies, and the depth representing the gain. From there, you can also guided by the a range of presets that have been gleaned from the best mixes in various genres.

Visit Mastering the Mix for more details.

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