Mark Verbos Reflects on Designing Modular Synths

By November 6, 2018News, Outboard, Production, Synths

Mark Verbos, one the world’s eminent modular synth creators has shared his thoughts, and demonstrated one of his rigs, in a video from Red Bull Music Academy.

Modular legend Mark Verbos shares his philosophy on synth design, how he got into the game and his connection with Don Buchla, in a video from Red Bull Music Academy.

The synth builder explains that he “tries to make musical instruments that happen to be electronic.” This seems to be at the core of his design approach.

And while his rig features the essentials that you would expect, the “human” element in the synth’s architecture is always at the forefront.

For example, the bands on the Bark Filter Processor are designed around frequencies to which human ears are most sensitive. Therefore making it as musically dramatic and impactful as possible.

He goes onto explain that he was a service tech for the incredibly rare Buchla 200. Buchla’s mantra of creating a musically intuitive interface, then figuring out the electronics to make that happen is deeply influential in Verbos’ own work.

Find out more about Verbos’ modules here.

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