Mark Knopfler Goes Digital For His ‘Down The Road Wherever’ Album Tour

By May 21, 2019Amps, News
Mark Knopfler

If you self identify as a tone-snob, you might want to look away now. Mark Knopfler, often revered for his bright natural sound has made the switch to digital amps for his Down The Road Nowhere album tour. This might come as a shock to some, however, the news has been confirmed by Guy Fletcher, who produces and plays keyboard with the former Dire Straits guitarist.

Mark Knopfler

If you’re a tone snob look away now. Mark Knopfler has gone digital for his Down The Road Wherever album tour.

Fletcher made a statement on his official website detailing the bands live setup, which included Knopfler’s use of Kemper profiling amps for his onstage sound.

“Many people have commented or asked about what we are using for amplifiers for the guitars since the stage is devoid of such things, largely to accommodate the huge band. Some have guessed correctly, we are using Kemper profiling amps.”

Fletcher acknowledged that the digital switch was indeed a brave move and wouldn’t come without criticism, however, he professed trust in the ability of Knopfler’s guitar tech.

“Mark’s long-serving guitar tech, Glenn Saggers along with Mark has devoted much of his time in the past six months to recreating Mark’s unique sounds [and] has done an amazing job. This switch from ‘real’ amps to digital devices is not for the faint-hearted and it wasn’t without its doubters.

Now we are up and running and more than two weeks into the tour, we are all on board with them. They certainly allow for incredible separation in both in-ear monitors and front of house system. The sounds are amazingly responsive and malleable.” 

The fact that Kemper has found a customer in the man with one of the most recognisable tones in rock is certainly a great compliment. For more information on Knopfler’s new album take a look at the interview below.

If you’ve been thinking of switching to digital amps, head over to Kemper’s website to see how they stack up.

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