Manley Launches Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Dual Mic Preamp

For the past few decades, Manley have forged a reputation for producing elite studio hardware. To celebreate their 30th birthday, the Californian manufacturer have announced a new all-tube dual mono mic preamp.

Two mono preamp circuits that ooze class, character and power. Manley is one of the industry leaders in audio outboard gear. They’re celebrating their 30th anniversary in style.

Here’s how the company sum up their approach to developing the new unit:

“Though Manley’s current equipment lineup is designed with more modern, efficient manufacturing techniques in mind, the Dual Mono Mic Preamp comes from an era where products were painstakingly built in a decidedly old-school fashion.”

Under the hood, each channel features 12 AX7EH and 6414 tubes, double shielded custom-built power transformers and high capacity reservoir capacity are at the centre of the power supply.

Performance wise, the preamps reflect a flat frequency response between 10Hz and 60kHz, a Hi-Z input for guitars and basses, adjustable feedback and gain switch and phase reverse switch.

For more info, head over to the Manley website.

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