Manchester DJs Set B2B Relay World Record

By April 25, 2019DJ, Mixing, News
Manchester DJs

Last week 182 DJs united in Manchester to attempt the world record for the longest back-to-back relay set. Held at Manchester club Joshua Brookes, the relay began at 10:00 am and wrapped up 12 hours later at 10:00 pm when the record was set.

182 Manchester DJs have smashed the world record for the longest back-to-back relay set, with all proceeds going to local homeless charities.

Prior to this attempt, the last world record was held by the Australian music publication Stoney Roads, who brought together 147 Sydney DJs.

Manchester promoter Daniel Williams and Club owner Gareth Chubb organised the event, rounding up 182 local selectors from all walks of life. Each DJ chose one track that had to be mixed from the previous without missing a beat, with 4 minutes allowed to cue, mix in and fade out. Duplicates tracks were not allowed, so the set took a bit of planning.

Some of the DJs who partook in the relay included DJ Luke Unabomber, BinaryFunction, Koop from the film Human Traffic, and professional snooker player turned DJ Steve Davies. Besides breaking the world record, the Manchester b2b relay raised money for the Manchester homeless charities Mustard Tree and Share Tanzania.

“Manchester is a hotbed for electronic music, with so many incredible DJs, promoters and nights emerging from the city”, remarked Williams. “Coupled with such a rich musical history, I just felt that it was right that this world record should be attempted here”.

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