Managing the Worksite of the Studio Build

By November 8, 2010Making Enmore Audio
sydney recording studio

It’s more or less week 7 and managing the worksite has become my focus priority. I’m saying week 7 because my last entry was week 6 but we calculated that between public holidays and other dramas (gear boxes, flu, family crisis), our builder strictly speaking has only been here for 22 days. So… here you will find a pile of Fletcher insulation a mile high as well as a really cool router, some framing work for the cloth panels and other some such bits and pieces. Are we on schedule? There never really was schedule so yes, I suppose we are.

lighting in a recording studio

recording studio builder

Managing the worksite of the studio build has become my key focus.

insulation for a studio

As more and more deliveries arrived it become imperative that we coordinated then in the right order because not everything would be fitted in a single day. In some cases this unfortunately meant additional delivery costs but that was necessary.

routing a shape for a studio panel

frames inside a recording studio

All the internal frame work is up and you can see if you look closely that we’ve started to fit the white frames which will be the red cloth panels.

studio frames

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