Making Mobile Beats with Ease: Mixvibes Unveils the Beat Snap App

Developers Mixvibes have released the Beat Snap app for Android and iOS, giving users access to an array of sound packs and promising an intuitive beatmaking experience.

Beat Snap dishes up an interface and sound palette that’s designed to inspire fluid, intuitive beatmaking and sequencing in a mobile app.

The interface features 32 pads, on which 35 different instruments can be selected. You can record four sequences, which can be looped or joined together.

Six live controllable effects are available, including delay and reverb, two of which can be launched simultaneously. 40 sound packs are available for creating soundscapes, which will be added to.

Being a mobile platform, sharing capability is built in, including Soundcloud export. You can also build beatmaking chops by staying tuned to the News section within the app.

Check out the App Store or the Google Play store for more details.

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