Making Good the Floor with Acoustic Caulk

By October 1, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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Green Glue comes up a fair bit in searches for acoustic caulk however we used a more generic product for edge sealing in the room. The photos may not show it well but the Kauri timber floors in the old kitchen are actually very beautiful and it’s unfortunate they’ll have to covered.

acoustic caulk

We made good all the seals, gaps and floor joints with an acoustic rated generic caulk product

If there was an instruction book it would read “Make good the floor by way of flexible acoustic caulk. Make level with sand cement and essentially air lock the first layer in the control room”. Which of course is a lot easier said than done in many most cases. There were gaps of up to 12mm between the ends of the floorboards and the walls where skirting boards had once sat and the process of ‘making good’ and sealing which we did a lot of ourselves took several days alone.

After the floor sections had been sealed, we removed the ceiling in The Kitchen only to discover it was a false ceiling so there are in fact two sets of joists above us. Not good because we now lose 200mm in height. Pipes and plumbing are sitting between these two sets of joists and the pros for leaving them in far out way the pros for removing them.

The floor was thoroughly scraped and cleaned and we lay down the first layers of green glue and yellow tongue on the following day.

Next up is finding a good electrician!

Epsom salt

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