Make Your Ears Bleed With This 38 Fret Soprano Guitar

By April 25, 2019Guitars, News
soprano guitar

Kevin from Said Too Much Productions has created a fretboard extension that takes his guitar into soprano territory. Let’s just say the results may make your ears bleed.

Forget octave pedals, Kevin from Said Too Much Productions has created a 38 fret soprano guitar that might just make your ears bleed.

Kevin has previously created baritone and alto designs, displaying his process on his YouTube channel Said Too Much Productions. This time however, he set about creating a ‘soprano’ guitar, with the goal of reaching a C8, or the highest C on a standard piano.

The build saw him remove the neck and middle pickup and 3D printing a removable PLA plastic fretboard to slot under the neck. On the positive side, it worked, even if it had to be fretted with a thumbnail or a second pick. On a not so positive note, it might leave you with a bit of tinnitus.

“So this was an interesting project. Don’t call it useless just yet as there may be a lot of different designs to try and techniques. I really like those super high music box like notes, and if you could actually get your hand over to those super high frets properly, you could stretch some pretty crazy intervals on chords. Just think about it, we’ve experimented beyond both sides of the piano now!” said Kevin.

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