Make Music with a Flick of the Wrist with Mictic

By August 7, 2019Industry, News, Production

Fans of recent music tech innovations such as Sound Brenners Pulse Watch and the recent Wave Ring by Genki Instruments will be drawn to the latest breakthrough in wearable music tech, Mictic.

Mictic is a wrist-mounted motion tracking controller, encouraging users to experience music differently. The device itself is controlled via the accompanying Bluetooth app and measures movement across X, Y and Z axes. Up to four Mictics can be paired to a single smartphone for any impromptu jam sessions that may occur.


Experience sound in a different way – Mictic is an impressive new body instrument, allowing you to turn movement in music.

Boasting 24ms of latency, 4-hour battery life and containing a diverse array of sound options, Mictic is a strong competitor for other similar emerging products like the Glide. The four previewed sound patches include Robot and Transformer, Drum and Bass, Cell Instrument and Piano and Beat.

It can be easily seen that these four sound patches are predetermined in many ways. Though what it sacrifices in musical versatility, it makes up for in ease of use and instant creative potential.

Those who pre-order the controller will receive two Mictic devices, a charging cable and App download as well as a 30% pre-order discount.

Further details are included in the Mictic website.

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