Make it Monday from Mojotone: A Must See for DIY Guitar and Amp Repair

By January 3, 2018Guitar, News
Mojotone make it monday

Amplifier builders and guitar parts suppliers Mojotone have just launched their first in a series of tutorials titled “Make It Monday”. The series aims to educate anyone interested in DIY guitar, amp and pedal projects.

Mojotone make it monday

DIY mods, repairs and builds just got a whole lot easier. Mojotone’s ‘Make it Monday’ brings inspiration and a massive knowledge base to the masses.

The articles will be published on the first Monday of every month and will feature a plethora of inspirational tips on building amps, pedal kits and guitar projects.

As part of the Build. Repair. Modify. initiative, Fix it Friday is also there to provide help on troubleshooting and repairs.

The first instalment is a guide on setting up the ultimate workshop. From power and lighting, storage size and getting the right tools, all the info is available to make sure you get your workshop off to good start.

Check out the article here.

[via Guitar World]

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