Mad Professor Unveils the Supreme Dual Channel Overdrive

The Supreme overdrive is collaboration between Mad Professor and British blues virtuoso, Matt Schofield. It eventuated in a pedal that delivers on a variety of tones, combining it with intuitive functionality.

With easy switching between two tone configurations, the Supreme overdrive pedal from Mad Professor offers finely tuned precision and plenty of character.

Here’s the way that Mad Professor sum up the characteristics of their new pedal:

“The tones were set for a great all around boost to low gain drive on the A side used mostly on a neck pickup. And a fat dynamic tone containing some ”power amp” response with a lot of headroom on the B side used mostly on a bridge pickup. This is the way Matt prefers to use the Supreme pedal.”

This approach allows you to create individual characters for their overdrive, depending on their pickup selection.

There’s also bass and treble EQ knobs for each channel, with the ability to isolate A and B sections, or stack them for even more possibilities.

For more information, visit the Mad Professor website.

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