Mac DeMarco Shares his Thoughts on the EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids

Mac DeMarco is a modulation king. So it should surprise no one that he’s taken a liking to the latest offering from Earthquaker Devices: Pyramids stereo flanger.

A meeting of the minds: Mac DeMarco, a known aficionado of woozy guitar tones, shows his love for the new Pyramids stereo flanger from Earthquaker Devices.

In what comes close to the marketing coup of the decade, Mac invites us into his home studio to show off the new toy. Of course, a wild stereo flanger is gonna be right up his alley.

In the video, Mac takes us on a tour of some of the more outlandish sounds that the Pyramids can conjure, while sharing his approach to effects in the past.

Check out our feature on his second full length album Salad Days.

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