Look Mum No Computer Shows Off His Touring Rig

Look Mum No Computer

It’s never great damaging an instrument while on tour, but it kind of depends on what it is. I guess with a guitar it’s not too much of a big deal, I mean some artists even make an art out of that kind of thing. But what if your luggage happens to be a 500 kilogram wall of modular synths and Furbies? For that, you’d have to ask Sam Battle aka Look Mum No Computer.

Look Mum No Computer

Life on the road can be tough, especially if you have to lug around 500kg of wires, synths and children’s toys.

Look Mum No Computer isn’t an ordinary guy, so it goes without saying that his touring rig isn’t ordinary either. In his latest video, the currently touring synth wizard gives a rundown of his setup from all the way from Munich. Amongst his current arsenal is a thick three oscillator bass synth, a quadraphonic ‘fart box’ and ‘Cosmo’ a furry face which just sort of screams.

Sadly the perils of touring have taken a toll of Battle’s rig, particularly his infamous Furby synth, which suffered a nasty fall. A casualty of life on the road, the synth or bunch of Furbies rather, sadly no longer make music. Though as shown they do open their mouths and chatter a bit, and therefore are still an integral part of the touring rig.

Battle also professed the difficulty of touring with such a large and cumbersome chunk of synths, wires and child’s toys: “touring with homemade modular synths is somewhat problematic but when there is literally 500kgs of the stuff! making them work and all that stuff is a challenge. but i just got back from a 2 week long Europe tour and it went well! heres a soundcheck in Munich running through what i had going on! Keep an eye out for future tours! i will be back out again before the year is up!”

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