Loog Launches Educational Guitars for Youngsters on Kickstarter

By September 5, 2019Guitar, Guitars, Industry, News
Little Girl With Loog

Loog has just announced the release of their new guitar range to Kickstarter in their fourth company campaign. In 2011, the original Loog Guitar launched via Kickstarter, raising $65,618 from people all over the world who believed in the project.

The guitars themselves are designed to make it fun an easy for children to learn the guitar with a simple 3 string form and included monster flashcards.Little Girl With Loog

Loog Kickstarter, launch new educational guitar range with built-in speakers. This latest range also comes with a redesigned app for realtime learning.

Loog introduces three new electric models to their collection so far, each with a different age recommendation. The Loog mini, for ages, 3+ looking to get grips with the guitar for the first time.

The Loog Pro is for ages 8+ and offers the same 3 string design with a longer neck and larger body. Finally, the Loog Pro VI is a step above and gives players 12 and up a chance to rock a full six-string.

All new models come with a built-in amplifier and speaker. Meaning if you want to chill in clean or kick on the distortion you can do so with a flick of the ‘pickup’ switch. Loog’s accompanying guitar app has also seen a major update now with augmented reality capabilities. Having the games and feedback from the app as well as the included flashcard set makes learning the guitar young a cinch.


To support Loog guitars you can donate to their Kickstarter or visit their website for more info.

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