Listen to a Christmas Flavoured Playlist Brought to You by AI

It’s that special time of year: AI has taken over to bring us a Christmas playlist based on a dataset of about a hundred holiday season tunes. The result? Well, you be the judge.

An AI based Christmas song playlist has been created to give you the warm fuzzies throughout the holiday period. Does it work though?

Here’s what the creators of AI Christmas Tunes have to say about the process:

Our dataset consisted of about a hundred Christmas tunes and was collected in MIDI format. A MIDI-file is a text file containing the notes and length and loudness of each note. Because of this, the MIDI format is suitable for doing machine learning tasks.”

On first listen, the tunes sound a bit light on musical variety, so maybe human composers needn’t worry too much… yet.

Check out the playlist and find out more about the machine learning process for the project here.


While we’ve got you, check out this William Shatner Christmas album featuring Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, and more.

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