Listen to a Alternate Soundtrack for David Lynch’s Eraserhead

Eraserhead, David Lynch’s first feature film was released in 1977. An unnerving, surrealist horror film – the type that maybe only Lynch could conjure – is fertile ground for musical exploration.

Mike Langlie (aka Cat Temper) has reimagined the soundtrack to this landmark film, releasing Henry (an electronic soundtrack to Eraserhead).

Eraserhead was David Lynch’s first feature – a black and white surrealist horror. Cat Temper has taken inspiration from the film and created an alternate electronic soundtrack.

This is how the Cat Temper describes his homage to the film and respect for the original audio landscape:

The sound design by Lynch and Alan Splet is an atmospheric industrial audio collage. It defines the film’s claustrophobic spaces as much as do any of the shadowy visuals. It’s long been one of my favorite works of audio art. With this in mind I humbly offer my own alternate soundtrack, named after Eraserhead’s protagonist.”

He goes on to explain the rationale for his reinterpretation:

A goal of my reimagined soundtrack is to help hook viewers through a more accessible musical palette. I frame scenes in a music video format and offer my own interpretations of characters’ inner thoughts and interactions. If this album inspires anyone to approach Eraserhead with fresh eyes (and ears) then I’ll consider my experiment to be a success.”

Head over to Bandcamp to preview and download Henry.

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