Limitless Tone Control: Chase Bliss Announce The Condor Analog EQ/Pre/Filter Pedal

By January 16, 2018News, Pedals

The team at Chase Bliss Audio has just revealed their newest creation, the Condor EQ, preamp and filter.

Chase Bliss condor

Chase Bliss Audio’s Condor stompbox gives channel strip level control over over guitar tone, with analog EQ, preamp and low pass filter.

Chase Bliss Audio’s slogan is “Digital Brain. Analog Heart.” It seems that kind of sensibility is especially pertinent in the construction of this pedal, as it is essentially offering a channel strip level of control at the front end of a guitarist’s rig. All the warmth of an analog circuit, with the ability to save presets via digital technology.

On the Instagram post where the Chase Bliss Audio unveiled the Condor, a few of its features were listed, including, “Parametric boost/cut mids control from 150Hz to 5kHz with 3 “Q” settings” – which speaks to the deep level of tonal sculpting on hand.

With a switchable clean/overdrive setting, it makes the pedal seriously versatile and capable of creating some sophisticated, studio grade tones from the pedalboard.

Check out the Instagram post here, and stay tuned for further information at Chase Bliss Audio.

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