Lightning Fast DAWs: Intel Announce Their New Ultra-Powerful X Series Processors

By June 5, 2017News, Recording
Intel X series

Sure, maybe not a sexy as an announcement of a new line of analog synths, or sensational as a suite of game-changing plugins, but the unveiling of a new collection of processors from Intel is bound to have many studio pros in a cold sweat. With the DAW at the centre of most modern studio rigs, CPU’s that offer maximum computer grunt is a much coveted item.

Intel X series

Intel have announce their most powerful processors yet with the X-series, offering up maximum computer grunt for the multi-tasking producer.

Most intriguing is the prospect of being able to scale up your processing power at different price points. Quad-core chips are pretty common nowadays and they are by no means infallible when it comes to audio processing. The new Intel X series processors can be scaled up to a whopping eighteen cores, which will make your computer a multitasking powerhouse.

This amount of computing power was only previously available on systems with external DSP like Pro Tools HD, or Universal Audio Apollo, so people wanting to work on native only systems should be excited – no doubt it will be coming soon to a computer near you!

If you want to find out more, check out the Intel website.

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