The Light Controlled iAbyssal Synth/Noisemaker for iOS

By November 14, 2017News, Software, Synths

Developer Alfredo Aliaga has released the iAbyssal light controlled synth and noise machine for iOS devices.

The iAbyssal creates a host of synthetic and otherworldly tones through the control of light entering the camera on iOS devices.

In the video below, Aliaga demonstrates the theremin-like qualities of the app, with hand movements blocking and allowing light into the camera. Pitch, filter frequency and resonance can be altered by the variations of light.

It also has a bunch of hands-on synth controls to adjust the two LFOs and a delay effect and comes with a bunch of presets to get you started.

It also joins the family of Audiobus supported apps, which allows the user to create customs chains of effects and instruments in iOS devices.

Check it out on the app store.

Via Synthopia.

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