Legendary Echo in Plugin Form: Pulsar Reveals the Echorec

The original Binson Echorec 2 was one of the gamechanging sounds of the 60s and 70s. It was favoured by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd among others.

Now Pulsar have sought to bring it back to life with unprecedented authenticity in the form of their Echorec plugin.

One of the true delay icons is back. This time, it’s ready for your DAW. Pulsar have just unveiled the Echorec plugin.

Here’s how the creators describe their homage to the original unit:

The Pulsar Echorec plugin gives you a faithful emulation of this legendary echo unit; furthermore, many workflow improvements have been added to the original, such as the ability to change the motor speed (and so the delay time) in real time or to sync it to any tempo, including a tapped tempo.

As you’d expect with a plugin emulation, there are features that stay true to the original. These include the authentic tube sound of the input section, three states of wear modelled on vintage units and magnetic field saturation.

Some of the upgrades include a stereo drift mode, making it possible to detune one side of the stereo field. Off mode is also available, meaning you can access all the grit without the delay.

Head over to Pulsar for more information.

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