Learn How to Make Ambient Tape Loops with Hainbach

By December 11, 2018News, Production, Recording

Hainbach, a German ambient artist has taken us on an adventure as he splices together a reel-to-reel tape loop for one of his pieces. The method isn’t always straight forward, but the results are oh so satisfying.

Watch as Hainbach shows us how they did it in the old days. A hand spliced tape loop doesn’t come together that easily, but it’s a sound like no other.

Here’s what the artist has to say about the project:

I have been wanting to create a tape loop collage by hand for a long time. Here is my first effort using the Telefunken M15 tape machine, a pad/drone from the Roland Juno60 and SH02, a Fender Rhodes, a Bechstein M10 piano and a ride cymbal.”

Watch the video below:

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