Learn How to Make a Trap Beat Using Only a KORG MS-20

By November 20, 2018News, Production, Recording, Synths

The MS-20 surely ranks among the most highly prized analog monosynths. In a video from Once Upon a Synth, the vintage beast is given a thorough workout, providing all the sounds for a trap production (except the rap, of course).

In a triumph of quality over quantity, Once Upon a Synth has dished a video that shows off the KORG MS-20. It takes on the beats, bass, harmony and melody in a trap masterclass.

Here’s what the creator has to say about the tune:

“The MS-20 is one of my favourite synths cause it has so much character and it’s very versatile. You can instantly go from smooth flutes to angry screaming leads to subby kicks, etc. It’s as close as it gets to a desert island synth for me.”

Check out the video below:


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