Learn How to Create Destructive Tape Loops with Hainbach

By January 28, 2019News, Outboard, Recording

If you haven’t heard, tape is back, people! There’s an explosion of creativity around this comparatively ancient medium. Continuing the trend, Hainbach shows us how to create a tape loop with a destructive twist.

This tutorial from Hainbach takes us through destructive tape loops. Destroying tape as the loop progresses requires patience… and a possible trip to the hardware store.

The method was inspired avant-garde composer William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops. But as Hainbach mentions, the tapes that Basinski was using were decades old and broke down organically passing over regular tape machine heads.

In Hainbach’s case, he was using new tape, therefore he used an assortment of knives, scalpels, razors and sandpaper to speed up the destruction.

Watch the experiment below:

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