Layering KORG Volcas Into a Tape Machine for a Polyphonic Epic

synth jam volca 4 track waldorf

Sure, we love KORG Volcas as much as the next guy. Being rather small and cheap devices, however, they do have their limitations. In a video from Slenterende Beer, these limitations are ingeniously circumvented. The results are beautiful.synth jam volca 4 track waldorf

Love your Volca, but lust for a bigger sound? YouTube duo Slenterende Beer has come up with a neat solution involving a trusty four-track.

As users of Volcas like Keys and FM will know, you’re limited to only playing three notes at a time. But multiply that by four tracks on a tape machine? Hello polyphony!

This dreamy sequence is then augmented by routing the tape machine’s output into a Waldorf 2-pole synth, then onto a Thermae delay and Ventris reverb.

Check out the video below:

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