KORG Unveils the Gadget 2 DAW for iOS, Mac and PC

KORG has just launched Gadget 2, the latest version of their mobile and desktop DAW. The music production hub features 40 instruments, with Windows users being invited to the party for the first time.

Gadget 2 brings KORG’s synthetic expertise to modern music production. Six new instruments, four new effects and for the first time, it’s available on PC.

The “Gadgets” in this DAW are actually the dozens of synths, drum machines and effects processors that you can connect freely in your productions.

KORG sums up the improvements in the following:

With a brand new design and color scheme on the main screen, you can easily check each track at a glance. The highly requested feature to smoothly change the tempo can be set with each scene. With the touch of a button, you can fade in/fade out. Four new IFX are included – feedback reverb, enhancer, exciter, and saturator – extending the range of your music production.”

KORG have also released the Gadget 2 Plugins bundle for Mac and PC. This means you can use the Gadgets within your favourite DAW.

Visit the KORG website for more details.

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