Korg Announce The Prologue: New Flagship Analogue Synth With Limitless Customisation

By January 19, 2018News, Synths
korg prologue analogue synthesizer

Korg has had us swimming in announcements over the past two days, but perhaps the most exciting is the announcement of a new flagship analogue synth; the Prologue.

Somewhat of a bigger brother to their hugely successful Monologue and Minilogue models, there’s a million reasons to be drooling over this beast. But we’ll try to condense it down.

korg prologue analogue synthesizer

Korg have unveiled their Prologue, a new analogue synth with full-sized keys and enough customisation to last you a century.

The Prologue is available in either 8 voice (49 key) or 16 voice (61 key) models, and ships with a 2VCO + Multi Engine, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO structure. You’ll also have low pass filter and drive knobs to twiddle, as well as a high pass switch.

A third oscillator is also provided, digital for obvious reasons. This is equipped with three different sound engines; noise generators (four variations), a variable phase modulation/FM oscillator newly developed for the Prologue, and a ‘User Oscillator’. These can all be utilised concurrently to the analogue VCOs.

The user oscillator allows you to load sixteen slots with programs you devise yourself. Yummy.

Within two digital effects units you’ll be able to access a variety of reverbs, chorus, ensemble, tape delay, conventional delay, and much more. As with the user oscillator, you will be able to craft and save your own custom effects to sixteen slots.

The Prologue also comes compatible with a new SDK (Software Development Kit) to program the user oscillator and digital effects. The grittier details of this little guy are yet to be announced, but you’ll be able to find out for yourself in Spring 2018.

The 8 and 16-voice models will be available January 2018 for $1499.99 and $1999.99 respectively. Check it out on Korg’s website.

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