KORG and SEGA Unveil New Synth for Nintendo Switch

By July 24, 2019News, Synths

Korg has teamed up with Japanese tech giants and masterminds behind Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA and Taito, to work on Gadget 3.0 – a new version of Korg’s mobile DAW for Nintendo Switch.

Gadget 3.0 is a classic looking synth that comes with all the classic drums and sound effects of 80’s SEGA produced arcade games, making it every 1980s 16-bit sound lovers dream come true.

KORG has teamed up with SEGA and Taito to produce Gadget 3.0 for Nintendo Switch, making all your ’80s 16-bit arcade sound dreams come true.

The new version of Gadget, which already includes the Bandai Namco sound system Kamatawill now also allow users to use SEGA’s rhythm sound generator gadget Otorii, which uses samples based off the sounds in SEGA arcade games. Gadget 3.0 will also come paired with Taito’s arcade synthesizer Ebina, which includes samples of FM sounds from some of the company’s retro games.

Combined, users can now create their own 16-bit sounds using recordings for classic games such as Out Run, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, After Burner, Golden Axe, Rent A Hero, Power Drift, Darius, Ninja Warriors, Night Striker and more.

The nostalgically built synth took design inspiration from the SEGA Genesis, complete with classic game cartridges you can choose sound banks from. It’s available now from Nintendo store (note – this link is for the software).

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