Klevgrand Modley – a Simple Delay is Just the Beginning

By June 20, 2019Effects, News, Software
klevgrand modley delay plugin

Sure, echoes are great, but it’s often just one element in the chain to make a compelling ambient environment. Blending other the styles of effect with the delay can create tails help a track fit better within the mix, or completely change an instruments character.

The plugin masters over at Klevgrand have aimed to create a holistic solution with Modley. A user friendly interface with a host of options for creating the delay of your dreams.klevgrand modley delay plugin

An elegant delay and then some. The Modley from Klevgrand offers up everything you need from a delay plugin, all within one easy to navigate window.

Klevgrand’s recent Korvpressor plugin provided compression, while also deftly educating the user with its unique interface.

Though the interface of the Modley presents rather differently, in principle, it’s a very similar experience. The elements of the delay are clearly spelled out in four different categories of boxes.

The first row of boxes deals with the signal before it hits the delay loop. All the effects placed in this row process the audio before entering the second row: the loop rack. This is the delay engine. The third row is post the loop rack, while the feedback control on the right controls how many times the signal is fed back into the delay.

The effects that are on hand include panning, phasing, distortion, tape saturation, pitch shifting, reverb and more.

For more information, head over to the Klevgrand website.

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