Kilohearts Unveils the Phase Plant Synth Building Plugin

By May 31, 2019News, Software, Synths
kilohearts synth sampler instrument builder

Kilohearts has launched the Phase Plant sound design software. It’s genuinely hard to slap a label on this plugin – because there’s nothing out there quite like it.

kilohearts synth sampler instrument builder

A gamechanger for sound designers. The Phase Plant from Kilohearts is an environment in which you can build an instrument from the ground up, with ease.

Simply put, Phase Plant offers a stage where you can build synths and sample based instruments from a clean slate. It has three broad categories in from which you can create custom patches – generators, modulators and effects.

In the generator column, you can select from analog and wavetable synth engines, samples and noise. These generators can be routed and stacked in any way you like.

In the effects section, you can build racks of processors from Kilohearts Snapin selection. The Snapin suite includes conventional effects like EQ, ambience, distortion and modulation – as well as synth friendly processors like filters, gates, resonators and more.

The modulation section encompasses LFO, envelope, velocity and more, all with extensive routing options.

Central to its virtue is the way that it can perform all these complex tasks, all in the one screen. Building unique, high quality synth and sample based sounds just got a lot easier.

Visit Kilohearts for all the details.

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