Kickstarter Campaign Claims to Have Reinvented the Guitar Pick with ‘LEAP’

By October 31, 2018Guitar, News
leap pick

Bog Street Music, a new company based in Florida, has claimed to have reinvented the guitar pick. The company claims the three-pronged design called the ‘LEAP’ is “the most comfortable guitar pick you’ll ever hold.”

leap pick

The guitar pick has had a design overhaul. Bog Street claim the LEAP has reinvented the pick, fixing all of the ergonomic problems in the process.

Bog Street Music founder, Paul Holcomb has stated that he found a need to redesign the guitar pick whilst learning to play the guitar. One of the main things he struggled with was managing the pick. “It would slip, they were hard to control, I would drop them and I would lose them,” he says in the video below.

The design, which Holcomb states is “an ergonomic upgrade,” provides superior grip, but also eases tension on the thumb and wrist for more comfortable playing. The hole in the centre of the LEAP lets your thumb and forefinger touch, easing the pressure needed to hold the pick.

Another nifty feature is that there are three sides to the LEAP, each with different gauges. Bog Street offers two models, one for Lead and one for Rhythm, each with their own set of point thicknesses. Rhythm offers .45mm, .70mm and .80mm points, and Lead features .73mm, .96mm and 1.5mm.

Check out the Kickstarter page here to give the company a bit of love and score yourself the pick of the future. Take a look at the website for more information.

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