Keeley Reveals the Aria Overdrive and Compression Stompbox

American boutique pedalmakers Keeley Electronics, have just launched the Aria effects pedal. It combines all the squash, sustain and grit you’ll need for the front end of your guitar tone.

If you’re in need of quality tone shaping as part of your pedal chain, look no further: the Aria from Keeley Electronics offers up the best of overdrive and compression.

Both the overdrive and compressor have two modes. The overdrive features low mode for something more akin to a clean boost, whereas the high mode pushes the sustain with more liberal crunch.

On the compressor half of the pedal, the blend setting for more of a heavy, parallel style of squash and tone, for a more subdued flavour.

Options for connectivity also abound. You can switch the order of compression and drive to have more control over signal flow. There’s also the ability to use TRS insert cables to place effects in between the two halves of the Aria.

Head over to the Keeley website for information.

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