Keeley Electronics Announces the DDR Drive, Delay, Reverb

By May 22, 2019News, Pedals
DDR Drive Delay Reverb

Keeley Electronics has launched the ultimate two-for-one deal in pedal form, the DDR Drive, Delay, Reverb. With different voicings for its ‘Drive’ and ‘Wet’ channels, the latest from Robert Keeley could be an easy one-stop shop for any gig.

DDR Drive Delay Reverb

Keeley Electronics has announced the DDR Drive, Delay, Reverb. If you’re looking for a pedal that covers your basic effects needs, then this might just be the perfect one-stop shop.

As its name would suggest the Keeley DDR covers Drive, Delay and Reverb. The ‘Drive’ channel has the option of ‘Crunch’ a British tube amp sound, or ‘Lead’ which gives a warmer mid-boosted overdrive. The ‘Wet’ side of the effect offers delay and reverb, with a ‘Vintage’/’Modern’ switch, which toggles between spring and plate reverb or analog and digital delay.

Keeley’s new stompbox has relatively familiar controls for both channels. In drive mode you have the standard ‘Drive’ ‘Tone’ and ‘Level’, which both apply to either amp style. In delay/reverb mode there’s ‘Blend’, ‘Decay’ and ‘Time’, the latter switching to a tone knob in reverb mode.

The DDR also has top mounted jacks with an effects loop so you can insert pedals between the two channels. Other than that it runs in true bypass and uses a standard 9v DC input.

If you’ve been looking for a super versatile design, with straight forward controls, head over to Keeley Electronic’s website for more information.

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