Jack White Shows Off his Custom Made Acoustasonic Telecaster

By April 15, 2019Guitars, News

Jack White has shown off a new present while preparing to hit the road with The Raconteurs.

The band has shared an image on their Instagram page of White brandishing his very own Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster.

One of a kind, or first of many? Jack White has been presented his very own Acoustasonic Telecaster from the Fender Custom Shop.

The post reads:

Jack White is getting his guitars ready for the Racon-touring coming up. Besides his best gal Claudette, he has a brand new custom Acoustasonic Telecaster made for him special by Chip Ellis and the Fender Custom Shop gents. As a matter of fact, it is the first Acoustasonic to be done in the Fender Custom Shop.”

For more information, check out our recent article on the Acoustasonic series.

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