Jack White Car Tests a New Raconteurs Mix via FM Radio

By March 11, 2019Mixing, News, Recording

The fabled “car test” is one of those tried and true methods for listening to a mix in a different, but real world environment. In this video, Jack White takes a fresh Raconteurs mix for a spin, via FM radio.

The ever inventive Jack White doesn’t go the for the same old methods. Watch as he takes a new Raconteurs mix for a car test via an FM radio transmitter.

The band describes the process as follows:

The band uses a walkie talkie to give notes on the mix to the engineer (Vance) back in the control room. This way the artist can mix in real time, and hear exactly what the song sounds like on the radio as well, this time through the amazing sound system of a Tesla Model S.

When you think about it, it really is an ingenious way to speed up the dialog between artist and mix engineer. It prevents overthinking the mix and provides the opportunity to address issues in the moment. You don’t even have to wait to burn a CD.

The new album was mixed Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound.

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